Remember that time when you wanted to put on the pretty blue thing you picked up the other day, with the sequin neckline? But of course, it was sleeveless and you didn’t have the time to hit the parlour.

What did you do? Most likely, the pretty blue thing went back in your wardrobe. You had to resort to that ‘wax proof’ black tee that you had worn last Tuesday (since that was the only piece with sleeves and ironed). And just to make matters worse, the chirpy colleague sitting next to you pointed it out as soon as you entered.

What I suggest? Shrug off the dilemma. Forget your woes. And pretty-fy your outfits with these colourful ‘Shrugs’.

C1 My love for ‘Shrugs’ began a few years back when I got bugged with my regular tees . The more I explored, the more I was awed by the variety of shrugs out there and the way it can effect your look.

They came in all sizes – short, medium and long; variety of styles – bolero, cardigan, waterfall, bohemian, fringes and flowy; and finally in different fabrics – chiffon, silk, lace, knitted and so many more. So, I decided to break down the write-up in this Series called ‘Shrug it Off!!!’ and in this first part we’ll talk about Chiffon Shrugs.

There is something unique about Chiffon as a Fabric – It allows a smooth transition from Casual to Dressy. And hence, I feel it is one of the best suited material for an add-on garment like a ‘Shrug’.

#StyleTip : Pick up a Short Bolero or Waterfall Shrug for Narrow Shoulders. For heavier lower body, go for long, flowy shrugs.


Another great thing about a Chiffon Shrug – it works well with a wide range of attire. Be it a over sleek pair of denim and tank or a pallazzo and crop, or even over a dress – popularized by our very own Deepika in Tamasha (Styled by Anaita Shroff)


Global Desi Red Printed Long Shrug

Fusion Blue Sleeveless Long Shrug

StalkBuyLove Floral Print Waterfall Shrug

Vero Moda Dusty Pink Printed Shrug

StalkBuyLove Plain White Waterfall Shruf

Finally, My Chiffon Shrug Look:


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  • Plain Pink Waterfall Shrug – AND – @INR 899 – Similar Buy