Hello World,

I am 5 ft 6 inches. I am allergic to milk and papaya. I read a lot, special interest in ‘Biographies’. Also, I am a Statistics grad with a Masters degree in Management. (umm, none of these add up to a Fashion Blog)

Well, FitsnFixes is not intended to be one.

My love for clothes is somewhat hereditary. My mother is an impeccably dressed woman with those perfectly pleated cotton sarees in summer and silks in winter.She effortlessly put together ‘colors’ to create the look. And, I organically learnt to do the same.

As I grew up, I loved buying clothes (who doesn’t!). I lived in a lot of places and picked up on-going trends, but never developed a personal style. For a long time, my sense of fashion was inspired by the conventions of ‘perfect figure’. Unfortunately, I never could fit into this convention.

As I was growing up, I was lanky with narrow shoulders, but broader hips. In my attempt to wear the ‘In-thing’ that season, I projected an immensely disproportionate picture where-in my upper body often looked skinnier than its lower counter-part.

With time, I became more aware of my body profile and had just started to pick clothes appropriate for my type, when my Bengali genes (apologies for stereotypes) started acting up, and I lavishly put on a few pounds. Needless to say, my artfully curated collection of clothes, ceased to ‘fit’ me.

Around the same time, I was offered a job to lead the category for a well-known Fashion Brand. Professionally, it was an exciting opportunity, but personally I dreaded it. I didn’t fancy being Cinderella’s second cousin, in a workplace full of dapper young men and women..

However, I took up the role (read challenge) and its been an eye-opener. Fashion doesn’t confine itself to any size prototypes – in India alone there are about 23 standard body profiles (I was so glad to see, mine was an acknowledged profile). And finally I found my very own style statement.

FitsnFixes will focus mainly on daily outer-wears. We’ll talk about fabrics, prints, cuts and where to find them. This is my first blog and I hope it gets very interactive. We’ll talk about seasonal trends [I’ll shell out some insider info 😛 ] and how to fit them to your personal style.

We’ll journey through lanes of Sarojini Nagar and alleys of Commercial Street; pick up a shoe from Kolaba Causeway  or a neckpiece from Gariahat; from Palladiums and Phoenix to Myntra and Amazon, we’ll try it all.

The idea is to Fix your style and find the right Fits 🙂